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My name be Biggie Fries and I wanna tell you about my skool. Along time ago in da Fatsville school dere were a teacher name Leo dat were in luff wiff a teacher name Kitty. Alas, his luff were unrequited. As much as he purrfess his undying luff fur her, she rebuffed him more and more, sayin "I alreddy haff a wink, hiz name be Tom. He brafe. He a pleece officer."

"Oh, dat sad, nuffin werser dan unrekwited luff", Say BabyBlu.

"What beez unrekwited luff?" aks Pandora. "Dat when you luff sumkitty who donut luff you back", Say Mac. "Hey, Biggie, ain't you sposed tew be catrolin da wuds rite now?"

"Oh, no, it beez my boss!"


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