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"Leo dunnit" What were dat? It soun like hiz sweet Kitty. "Kitty!" He call out, but all he hear be "Leo dunnit". It sound like it were comin furrom dat danged furnace! Muss juss be da hissin ob da wude. Den he fainted dead away, cuz what he seen were too much shock to bear.

"What do he see? Do he see Leo stuffin Kitty into da furnace?" aks Smokey Girl.
"Corse not, she alreddy goed to da bridge by now!" Say ET. "Sheesh, deez gurlz."
"I gettin skairt!" Whimper Orbit. "Juss hole onto me!" Say Fernando. "And I try not tew dew nuffin diskustin, like belch."




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