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After obercomin hiz inishul shock and grief Tom determin to fine Leo and deal wiff him. He inbestigate toroughly all nite and fine out about Leo's luff fur Kitty. Clearly Leo kilt Kitty cuz he were jello dat she hadded a wink. Da necks mornin he go to da skule, and dere be Leo in Kitty's classrume.

"Oh, man, you gonna get it Leo, if you hadded enny sense you'd turn tail and run!" say Maggie. "Da jig is up, Leo! Da law dun fount you, and da booful Kitty dun tolt on you!"

Tom say "Where were you rite after skool yestiddy?"

Leo say "I were in my classrume late!"

Tom say "Den you wude know were Kitty goed to."

"I donut knoe nuffin bout dat!"

"You made her go to da bridge!" Accuse Tom.

"No I dint!" Lie Leo.

"I iz placin you under da rest!"

"Well, purrpare to go meet Kitty cuz I ain't bein tooked alife!"

Suddenly Leo pull out a gun and shoot Tom daid. He run furrom da skool, nebber to be seed agin.

But if he ebber do be seed again, he gonna be payin fur hiz cwimes.


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